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About Us

      IMPAC Law Firm Co., Ltd was established in 2009 by the founders who are experienced lawyers in practical activities. Besides, IMPAC Law Firm Co., Ltd has a team of leading experts on legal advice on many different areas. Now, IMPAC Law Firm Co., Ltd is currently providing legal services for many customers who are big enterprises, individuals and abroad.

     With the motto:” the customers insights, all because of the success of customers” IMPAC Law Firm Co., Ltd is gradually asserted its position in the provision of legal services and legal counseling to resolve disputes.

     In the field of legal consultancy, IMPAC Law Firm Co., Ltd has successfully consulted for many clients are corporations, banks, companies, and organizations in and outside the country with many investment projects of real state, acquisitions and merger enterprises, collaborative business, handling and recovery of bad debts, investment to build the factory…in Vietnam.

     In the area litigation and dispute resolution, IMPAC Lawyer Firm Co., Ltd proud of having the goods lawyers on professional competence and experience in procedural activities directly successfully resolved many difficult and complex cases. IMPAC Lawyer Firm Co., Ltd always build customers’s belief by resolving disputes successfully and the best guarantee for the legitimate interests of the client.  

     In addition, the relationship and extensive cooperation closely with government agencies, law firms reputation in domestic and international IMPAC Law Firm Co., Ltd has full confidence all conditions and ability to give the customers the best interests.

     The principle of IMPAC’s operation is “ Dedicated, Professional and Effective” therefore we have been and will always be towards the legal services of the highest quality for the customers.