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Director Dang Van Tien

MA, Lawyer Dang Van Tien

Position: Director

Phone:  0948 558 998


     Nearly 20 years of consulting experience in the field of:  Business management, International trade,  Business investment real estate, Banking Finance. Mr. Tien has done consulting and making investment projects: Real estate; Mineral; Production asembling cars; motorcycles; international commercial contract; acquisitions, merger and restructuring enterprises. He used to work in the Government Agencies involved in developing many law, decrees, participated in the working group of the Prime Minister in the areas of tax, customs, …so having deep understanding of institutional issues, construction and implementation of the law. He have participated successful in legal advice to implement of projects and contracts for many domestic and foreign group ( PVN, EVN, Constrexim,…). He have had extensive relationship with government agencies, communities, domestic and abroad businesses.